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Welcome to SCADA!   SCADA – the Student Competition for Advancing Dental Research and its Application – is a global student competition, aimed at engaging the next generation of dental professionals in the discovery and advancement of dental research, and the improvement of oral health worldwide.

The first International Association of Student Clinicians - American Dental Association (ADA) or SCADA Program was launched as a joint venture between DENTSPLY International and the American Dental Association in 1959 during the centennial session of the ADA in New York City. The program was conceived by the late Dr. Harold H. Hillenbrand, former Executive Director of the ADA, and the late Mr. Henry M. Thornton, former Chairman of DENTSPLY International. Their goal was to help students discover research, advance themselves, and find inspiring ways to improve dental care – and continues in this spirit today.

Program Goals

  • Engage students to discover the importance and power of dental research.
  • Provide opportunities for students to Advance their Research skills and careers.
  • Inspire students to look for new ways to have a positive impact on dental care and oral health.

Country Program Overview

Japan SCADA program has been started since 1995 by the participation of only 4 dental universities out of 29, hosted by Japan Dental Association
and sponsored by our company.  This program  has been successfully developed as the only one dental student academic national competition in Japan.

In 2010, it was restructured to divide into two categories of Clinical (Public Health) research and Basic Science research. By this change, participating universities have been much increased up to 90% now.

We have a country-chapter of SCADA alumni associates group, called “SCADA Associates in Japan “ and the membership is now over 400 associates since 1999. The group consists of faculty members, basic science researchers, private practices and undergraduate students.  And it is growing as a unique interdisciplinary dental professional group. They keep highly motivation of life-time professional challenges and success, after experiencing SCADA program.  An some associates play the role of Faculty Advisors of SCADA competition and lead award winners.


Current Program

2018 SCADA Japan Program


Kazue Niijima
of Dentsply Sirona Japan for information regarding meeting registration and SCADA Japan Rules and Regulations



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